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Let French Women Inspire You

by Emma Crossick

There is something especially spectacular about the French woman.  Not only is it her elegance and unmistakeably chic presence but it is her exquisite attention to detail which is renowned the world over. Perhaps it is embedded in the very nature of being French but it certainly seems that French women are born with an innate mechanism giving them insider knowledge on how to look good – even if they are just visiting their local Auchan supermarket they will be well turned out.  Or, it could be they are taught by their mothers from an early age that looking good is a priority – from the inside out.

It seems that whatever a French woman puts on, it looks sensational and you can have no doubt that the French woman begins her daily wardrobe choice with fabulous underwear.  The word lingerie itself is French and this is no co-incidence.  French ladies adore silk, lace, extravagant trims, opulent materials and bold colours just as much as they crave soft and dainty luxurious lingerie in pastels or pure white.  It is part of who they are. A French woman would never dream of wearing an old, ill-fitting bra or panties which had seen better days.  Even their hosiery screams luxury and they dress for their mood too – so if they’re feeling flirtatious the Huit Divine Idylle collection is ideal or in contrast, Antigel Drape Delice is perfect when they want something more demure. They dress for how they want to feel, so if in a daring mood then Lisa Charmel suits them perfectly, particularly the Glam Felin range of animal print underwear trimmed with divine French lace – definitely unleashes the tiger beneath! 

The French woman’s love of lingerie is another reason why the streets of France are scattered with divine lingerie boutiques and little, hidden gems filled with a treasure chest of famous French brands – much like Je Te Veux which is based across the Channel here in England, in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

Us English ladies could learn plenty from our French counterparts.  They already know the secret to looking good in their clothes is dressing from the underneath.  They realise that superb support and quality materials makes plenty of difference to how they accentuate their shape and plays to their best points, they’re not scared of spending a little extra money for a lingerie set which will provide them with luxury, sensuality and make them ooze confidence – have you ever watched a French woman walk down the street?  They possess that je ne sais quoi about them – a swish in their skirt, a sway of their hip and that’s because they feel sexy, sophisticated and most of all, comfortably dressed from their underwear out.  They know that classy underwear and fine clothes makes them radiate poise and they would be right. 

It is no surprise that many revered lingerie brands come from France and we at Je Te Veux spend plenty of time visiting the land of chic to select what we believe are the collections which best reflect our customer and those who understand the importance of owning luxury lingerie. It’s not a co-incidence that French lingerie dominates our stock as we believe a French woman is someone to aspire to, a lady who is not frightened to spend her Euros on underwear.  A lady who appreciates a brand such as Empreinte and the Lily Rose collection which works for day or the midnight black version for night, a range of supportive brassieres for curvy women complete with mother of pearl detail and sweet, dainty lace trim co-ordinating with a thong, shortie and even a sultry chemise.  What women wouldn’t want to put this set on?

Our Je Te Veux collections feature many sumptuous French brands and we are constantly seeking out the next big name because we believe that these are at the forefront of the lingerie market.  The French manufacturers understand women’s form and what they need to truly bring out the best in their shape using the very best materials and trims. 


July 27, 2014 by Website Administrator
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