Shape Up with Je Te Veux’s Shapewear

Shape Up with Je Te Veux’s Shapewear

by Emma Crossick

You may well assume that Shapewear has only been around for the past few years, gaining in popularity with the advent of fashionable bodycon clothing but actually, Shapewear has been in fashion for hundreds (if not thousands!) of years believe it or not with evidence dating back to the Ancient Greeks who wore girdles fashioned out of soft linen, the Romans who wore leather girdles and wealthy Elizabethans who sported steel corsets under their huge hooped dresses.

If you think back to the Victorian times, when ladies were expected to have waspish waists and a generous, high bosom you will possibly remember school history books mentioning tight corsets which were laced by maids who would pull the garment as tight as a lady could bear it.  The corsets were often so tight, (made out of iron and whalebone) ladies would faint – which is why there is so much evidence of gallant young gentlemen fanning beautiful Victorian women to bring them round. It’s not surprising ladies were short of breath, as these contraptions crushed ribs and internal organs.  Even then, there was pressure on ladies to look shapely and with this in mind, it is vitally important that the Shapewear you choose today reflects your figure and is not too restrictive.  At Je Te Veux we thoroughly recommend that you spend time at a reputable lingerie specialist (such as our Hitchin based boutique) and get fitted with the right garment for you.

Luckily in modern times, we are hopefully more sensible when it comes to Shapewear.  When you visit Je Te Veux we will assess your body shape and requirements, if your Shapewear is for a special occasion perhaps bring your outfit with you – there is something for everyone, regardless of shape but we are all different so what works for one figure may not work for another.  Whether it is to minimise a waist, support a bust, shape thighs or legs it is vitally important to discuss what you want to achieve.  We will also show you how to put on your shapewear in the correct fashion.  Unfortunately, we see many women who find it a struggle to put on their chosen garment – this is because they have not been taught how to put it on.  Yes, there is even an art to wearing Shapewear comfortably!  If your chosen Shapewear is put on incorrectly, it can interfere with the finished look and even cause you discomfort so we cannot emphasise enough the value of visiting us or a similar lingerie expert to learn how to put on your shaping underwear.

The other important reason to visit a lingerie specialist is to understand what the areas are you wish to target, for example, if you just want to enhance your waist, then you will need a waist cincher but if you want to shape your upper and lower body, hips, bottom and thighs you should invest in a good quality bodysuit with a built in bra.  There are various different types of Shapewear as follows; a Bodysuit for all over shaping such as the Wolford Individual Nature Forming Dress, a Slip Shaper for the torso, bottom, thighs and hip area, a Minimiser bra for reducing breast area, a Control brief for the bottom and hips, a Thigh Slimmer for the bottom, hips and thighs and the Waist Cincher – as it sounds, for slimming the waist.  You are also able to buy Control top Tights such as our Wolford Individual 10 which slim and shape the waist, bottom, and hip and thigh area.  Additionally, our favourite Shapewear brand, Wolford which we stock has a superb Forming String Body which will enhance and shape your waist and tummy area while enhancing and supporting your bust.

Now you know the different types of Shapewear, as mentioned, it is beneficial to understand how to put it on.  Many women struggle with this as they do not get their shapewear fitted in a boutique or well-known department store but there is an art and once you know how, you will find it easier than you imagined.

 Here are some of Je Te Veux’s how to put on Shapewear tips:

  • Try on your shapewear before you buy it – never order something without having seen it first or knowing that it will definitely work for you, much like a bra fitting, these pieces should be fitted by an expert
  • Step into your Shapewear garment
  • Pull the Shapewear gently up to your hips and over (never put it over your head)
  • Much like putting tights on, roll the Shapewear in between your hands and pull it on slowly, releasing as you pull it up
  • Fasten it before you put it on (it is difficult to close hooks once your piece is in place)
  • Be patient as the end result is well worth it

Never buy shapewear that is too small, it will be uncomfortable and possibly cause you physical problems, nor should you buy shapewear that is too big for you.  We cannot express the need to buy the right size and fit for your figure, so please call in to Je Te Veux, lingerie specialists based in Hitchin where our qualified staff will be delighted to explain to you what will work for your shape and desired look, the outfit you want to wear your Shapewear with and how to put on your garment properly.  Please call us on 01462 433 211 to book your appointment or you are welcome to drop by at your convenience.

Check out the latest Shapewear at Je Te Veux here.

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