Je Te Veux Explores & Explains Knicker Types

Je Te Veux Explores & Explains Knicker Types

by Emma Crossick

Following on from our recent article concentrating on different bra types we thought you would like to know what the knicker types refer to and what they should be worn with.

As with our article on brassieres, we would like to give you a little history lesson on the humble pair of knickers, we already know that the Ancient Greeks wore bras and they also covered their modesty with cotton and other materials as has been discovered back in 4,400 BC when they wore triangular shape cloths around the hips.  There is also evidence that men wore underwear during the Middle Ages but women didn’t actually wear anything closed!

Knickers as we know them today originated from the 1800’s when they were referred to as drawers or bloomers, the shape was long and below the knee and mostly trimmed with broderie or frill detail, other than that they were fairly simply designed and used for hygiene purposes.

Later on in the 19th century, bloomers became known as “knickers” and started to become a little more pretty with lace and bands as well as applique although they were still long. It wasn’t until the Roaring Twenties when knickers became shorter (as did hemlines) and different colours were introduced.

Today of course, knickers have changed in design and use. There are many different types of knickers and they are worn for different reasons as well as comfort and for sex appeal too! Often purchased for a stylish but comfortable garment or to be worn with a particular outfit such as a wedding day, slinky black dress, special occasion or for sportswear and there are plenty of styles to choose from. At Je Te Veux we stock a large selection of panties in our Hitchin boutique in varying colours with trims and to co-ordinate with other lingerie garments.

To help you find what is right for you, we have drawn up a guide to what each type is and we hope this is useful when choosing your perfect Je Te Veux knickers, it’s important to feel good underneath if you want to ooze confidence on the outside:


The thong has a small, neat piece of triangular shaped fabric which is slightly larger than a G-string and it is used to remove panty-lines when wearing close fitting clothing so perfect for today’s Bodycon styles.

Je Te Veux recommends Fleur of England Blush Thong, Empreinte Daisy Natural Thong, Gossard Opulence Deep V Thong and Antigel Etendage De Charme Thong in Noir.


This undergarment is as it sounds, a little string of material between your bottom cheeks that exposes more area than a thong and gives you no panty-line.

Je Te Veux recommends Sonata Elektra G-string (although this has ribbon detail so you may get some show through), Antigel Drape Delice Sexy G-string and Huit Porte Bonheur Indigo string.


These are narrower than knickers and have slimmer sides, covering a smaller area of your bottom and giving a sexier look ideal for wear under almost anything.

Je Te Veux recommends Lisa Charmel Fragrance Voyage Bikini, Huit Monaco Coco Noir Low Bikini Brief.


These are deeper than bikinis and are normally higher at the waist and thigh giving more coverage and comfort, excellent for day to day wear.

Je Te Veux recommends Huit Monaco Coco Noir High Bikini Brief, Huit Arpege Ivoire Brief and Curvy Kate Dreamcatcher Brief.

Classic Briefs

As the brief, these extend to the waist but the classic style gives extra coverage below the hip.

Je Te Veux recommends Kiss Me Deadly Fuchsia Sirena Brief, Fleur of England Armour Brief and Empreinte Irina Violet Brief.

High Cut Briefs

These undergarments are higher cut at the waist but have slimmer, narrower sides, sometimes they are referred to as French Briefs.

Je Te Veux recommends Empreinte Jasmine Natural Brief, Empreinte Daisy Caramel Brief, Antigel Drape Delice High Waist Brief.

Boy shorts

These are inspired by Boxer shorts! They have shorter legs extending underneath the crotch area and are popular for low rise jeans or trouser shapes.

Je Te Veux recommends Huit French Kiss Moonlight shorts.


These undergarments are designed like briefs but have a lower rise with the waistband set at hip level; perfect for low rise jeans or trouser shapes.

Control Briefs

Like their sister, the brief, these offer more coverage around the waist and hip area but they also give extra support designed for a more slim-line appearance. These are excellent if you have tight fitting clothing to wear and want to reduce your silhouette.


These undergarments are similar to a thong but they have slightly more coverage around the back, often trimmed with lace they are narrower than a bikini and have a slimmer waistband around the side area. They are good for a sexier outfit or if you want to minimise panty-line showing through.

Je Te Veux recommends Huit French Kiss Moonlight Tanga Brief and Huit French Kiss Orchid Thong.

French Knickers

These are often in silks and satins and are similar in look to a pair of shorts. The leg area is loose fitting without elasticity allowing a comfortable fit to shorties as they are not snug to the body. These are ideal for looser fitting dresses and skirts and wide fit trousers.

Je Te Veux recommends Lise Charmel Glam Felin Shorty and the Huit French Kiss Orchid Shorty

Our knickers, briefs, G-strings and all the other underwear garments mentioned come in a variety of colours, trims and materials from silk and satin to cotton, lace and other seductive, opulent materials. We hope this has helped in finding your ideal undergarment. For more help and advice from one of our experienced team please contact Je Te Veux on 01462 433 211 or do visit us at our boutique in Hitchin, Hertfordshire.

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