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Week 3 - Latest Arrivals - Empreinte Nina & Huit Enchantee

This week we see the addition of two new collections, one from Empreinte (Nina) and the other from Huit (Enchantee).  

Empreinte Nina

Nina is a Seduction style for Spring Summer.  Classic or contemporary like a ballet, the Nina collection is inspired by the world of dance with lightness and grace as well as an intense and modern twist.
Nina’s appeal lies in its two finely embroidered tulle fabrics that feature bold lines with a lace-up effect for a modern look, whilst bringing a vintage feel with interlaced embroidery taken from the archives of a Swiss embroiderer on the lower cups.
Like tutu frills, elasticated pleated tulle is used to daintily decorate the straps and accentuate the design of the briefs. The elegant jewel enhanced with enamel adds sparkle and sophistication to this extremely delicate range.

Available in both a Marine & Fuchsia.

Huit Enchantee

Featuring a delicate floral print embroidery scattered across beautifully soft and supportive fabrics, Enchantee offers an irresistibly chic and pretty collection.


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